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I Got Slapped By Dr Wayne Dyer


May 12

I recently had a conversation with Dr Wayne Dyer from the other side, and he slapped me! Find out more in today's video.

I few weeks ago, I was driving a home from a dinner with the Unstoppables. In March of this I was very fortunate to spend 10 very intense days in a think tank with 46 very high achievers in the Amazon, called the Unstoppables. On my way home from the dinner I was listening to a recording of an interview with Dr Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle called ‘The Importance of Being Extraordinary’.

As I was listening a random thought popped into my head ‘I wish I had met Wayne Dyer while he was alive’. No sooner had I formed the thought that a reply came back ‘You can meet me now’. I was so shocked I almost ran off the road. I was talking to Dr Wayne Dyer!

I asked Dr Dyer for some clarity and direction over what I should be doing as I was feeling a bit lost with my business. Having recently rebranded from Conscious Wealth Institute to PitBull Mindset, which was a gigantic leap of faith and change in identity for me, I was feeling like a fish out of water and I was a bit all over the place with my marketing and effective running of my business. Wayne Dyer told me 3 things:

  1. Firstly he told me to drop my agenda to save the world as this was about me, not about saving the world. He said I was allowing my ego and my desire to ‘be somebody’ to get in the way of my true purpose. And he was right. Thanks for the slap Dr Wayne!
  2. Next he said to just focus on being of service all the time. So, the next day, I started my day with thinking about how I could best be of service that day and with everyone I met I asked in my mind the same question ‘How can I serve this person?’. This practice changed how I went through my day and it also caused me to be present which is a total game changer.
    By being present your stories of the past, and what you’re worrying about in the future are irrelevant and you can just focus on what the moment needs right now to be of service. As I write this, I’m writing a blog that I hope will be of service to you in some way.
  3. Write my book. This is a book that has been calling to be written for 3 years and I’ve been ignoring it because of all the other ‘more important’ things I was being distracted by like marketing, strategizing, networking, being somebody, etc. As soon as I dropped everything else and started writing the book, a lot of other things actually took care of themselves without my input.

So, from my encounter I would offer 3 major learnings that will change your life:

  1. Be present – Never underestimate the power of being 100% present. You will be less caught up in your stories, more resourceful, less stressed, and you will know exactly what you know to achieve your goals and dreams.
  2. Be of service – Allow your desire to serve others to determine what actions you take and when. When you combing being of service and being present, you will always know which action to take and what to focus on.
  3. Follow your intuition and take action on your inspiration – Those things that are calling you that you’ve been ignoring are your inspiration telling you how to get closer to your goals. When you take action on your inspiration and surrender to the wisdom of the Universe, things will start to fall together for you.

Implement these learnings in your life and you will experience a significant shift in your results.

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