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How To Stop Your Fears And Doubts Holding You Back


May 23

It was the middle of 2015 and I was at a seminar about creating a successful online business. Little did I know that what I would get out of that day was not about the seminar, but would transform my entire business and my future when I reached out to help someone get clarity making a decision.

A friend of mine happened to be there and introduced me to another friend she was with who was extremely successful in business. This was one of those seminars where during the day, the presenter had a program he was selling to the attendees which he told us about just before we went to lunch. The new acquaintance and I went to have something to eat together. As he used to own one of the biggest coaching schools in Australia we had a lot in common and the conversation was very engaging.

As we were sitting in the café, another seminar attendee recognised us and struck up a conversation. She wanted to know what we thought about the program the presenter was offering. I said I thought it was a great program and that I liked the presenter a lot as I’d seen him on numerous occasions over the past few years. The woman said she really wanted to invest in the program but then started to bring up reasons why she was reluctant to.

Without even realising I was doing it, I launched into coaching mode. As I listened to her reasons, which were really her fears and doubts, I helped her to overcome every one of her objections and stop getting caught up in her fears and doubts whilst making what was potentially a game changing decision for her business and her future.

I see this all the time. Business leaders and entrepreneurs allowing their fears and doubts to block them from backing themselves and making critical investments in their future that could be the difference between them struggling to survive and creating a robust thriving business that creates the lifestyle they truly desire.

As I helped the woman to overcome her objections, she was now clear to make a decision based on what would serve her business future and not the fears and doubts that were previously clouding her judgement.

As we had to return to the seminar, we finished our discussion and started to walk back. My new friend turned to me and said, ‘Holy shit. What do you call your business, PitBull Coaching?’ I was a bit stunned by the question as I actually wasn’t aware of what I had been doing and didn’t know what he was referring to. I asked him what he meant and he told me that he was very impressed with the way I launched into coaching mode and was relentless at not allowing the woman to use excuses that would prevent her from taking advantage of a potentially life changing opportunity. In his words, ‘I went for the jugular’.

I felt confronted by this as it was not a persona I was comfortable with, but he assured me that he had rarely seen a coach, particularly a female coach, work so quickly and be so direct. He loved it. And this was how my new brand, PitBull, came to be.

My old brand really wasn’t serving me anymore, and I had no idea what to do about it. I was a bit lost. A seeming chance meeting of a new acquaintance, and my stepping in to help someone gain clarity and confidence in making an important decision, altered my business future forever. My new brand has liberated my natural ability and I am now taking it global on a much bigger scale than ever before. I’m playing a much bigger game!

We all have doubts and fears. The lady I spoke with was allowing them to cloud her ability to make the right decision about a potential investment that could transform her business. And I had been denying my tendency to be direct and not allow people to stay stuck in their story because I was afraid people wouldn’t like me if I did. This fear was holding me back from growing my business, and myself, into a global brand that has the impact I am now able to make.

What fears and doubts are holding you back from being the best you can be and creating the business you truly desire? Do whatever you need to release those fears and doubts and create a business and a future that serves others and you for many years to come.