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Sep 14

Sound Healing for Connection To Source

consciousness , sound healing

’Sound Healing is one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet. It has the ability to transform you physically, emotionally, mentally and physically and is referred to as the healing medicine of the future.’ Click below to download the mp3 audio DOWNLOAD MP3 RECORDING You came from a powerful Source that has infinite […]

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May 12

I Got Slapped By Dr Wayne Dyer

consciousness , success

I recently had a conversation with Dr Wayne Dyer from the other side, and he slapped me! Find out more in today’s video. REGISTER NOW FOR THE FREE WEBINAR I few weeks ago, I was driving a home from a dinner with the Unstoppables. In March of this I was very fortunate to spend 10 […]

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Feb 26

The Power Of Leaning Into Life


As a collective society, we spend so much of our time fighting with the various aspects of our life. Most of us are in a constant battle with finances, struggling with our relationships, putting out fires in our businesses, fighting with our health. What if, instead of resisting the circumstances in our lives, and making them […]

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