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Personal Development

Something the human spirit craves is growth. This growth comes about through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenge. The trick is to choose these challenges yourself through some form of personal development, because if you don’t they will choose you, and it’s likely those challenges will be less than desirable, and not as fulfilling as you would like.

When you start a new project, like a business, there is no way of knowing what your journey will ultimately look like, or exactly how your vision will come to be born into reality. That’s the fun of the experience. And in order to bring your vision into reality, you will need to become a different person than you are today. In other words, you will need to grow.

I heard someone ask once, “I’m quitting my job to start a business. What’s the best piece of advice you could give me?” And the very poignant reply came back “Personal development. Personal development. Personal development.” And this has always stuck with me because it is one of the simplest and truest answers I have ever heard.

Personal development can come in many forms. Learning new skills and information. Attending seminars and workshops. Spiritual gatherings and retreats. Reading personal development books and publications. Listening to audio programs. Using techniques and strategies to release belief systems and negative paradigms and emotions that could potentially be slowing you down or stopping you from achieving the results you want. And of course, coaching is one of the greatest forces for personal growth and getting better results faster on earth.

Growth and personal development happens outside of your comfort zone. So stretching yourself and reaching for new horizons continually, you are on a trajectory of growth. This is the most rewarding state for the human mind and spirit.

Set yourself big goals. Have a grand vision for your business and your future. Then strap yourself in and undertake as much personal development as you can to become the person you need to be to achieve those goals.

You will be uncomfortable, but it will also be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

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