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The Power Of Leaning Into Life


Feb 26

As a collective society, we spend so much of our time fighting with the various aspects of our life. Most of us are in a constant battle with finances, struggling with our relationships, putting out fires in our businesses, fighting with our health.

What if, instead of resisting the circumstances in our lives, and making them wrong, we were to come with an air of acceptance and understanding. This doesn’t imply that we do nothing about the situations that are less than ideal. Being a benign bystander and allowing life to happen to us doesn’t achieve anything. But what if we were to lean into our situations and circumstances and use the energy contained within them to fuel the emergence of something different.

Everything is perception. Instead of expending energy perceiving, judging and criticising what’s happening as wrong, setting up an eternal push – pull dynamic that creates frustration, tension, fear, anxiety and discontent, what if we simply yielded to the wisdom that resides in ‘what is’ to find the hidden gems in order to create what we want?

What if when everything feels like it’s falling apart, it’s actually falling together?

Consciousness leaders have been telling us for generations that what you resist persists. When you stop fighting what is, and see the perfection, all things are possible from the place you are in right now.

Byron Katie says it’s our thoughts about our situation that creates our suffering.

Wayne Dyer said ‘Everything that’s happening is supposed to be happening.’

Neale Donald Walsch says ‘See the perfection’.

You see, when you’re resisting life, you not just resisting what you perceive to be the bad, which is just your judgement, you’re also resisting the good.

And as long as you continue to be determined to fight your way through life, that is exactly what you will get.

This is not part of our nature, but part of our conditioning. We’re conditioned to believe that life is hard, so that is what we make it. Fortunately our conditioning can be changed through awareness, intention and deliberate focused action.

I don’t believe life was meant to be hard. I don’t believe it was meant to be easy either. I believe life was meant to be what it is. And the more we resist life, the harder we will make it.

So look at where you’re resisting life. What if you were to simply lean into what’s going on? How would that change the dynamic and outcome of your current circumstances?

Nothing in your life is your foe and everything is your friend. Your challenges are invitations to expand into your greatness and your power and be more of the infinite being you are truly capable of.

You are much bigger than anything that will ever happen to you. Take that thought with you into every situation and circumstance in your life and watch miracles emerge to create a life beyond your wildest imagination.

About the author:

Marguerita Vorobioff is a mindset mentor who works with thought leaders and change makers to create a mindset that unleashes their greatness and fuels their success. If you want to discover your true power and potential, schedule a free 15 minute Discovery Session with Marguerita to discuss the possibilities.