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Tame Your Money Monsters


Jun 18

I was talking with my mum this morning about the massive storms that smashed the East Coast of Australia a couple of weeks ago leaving a trail of devastation behind them.

Poor old Tassie (Tasmania for the non-Aussie’s) was hit the hardest. But much of the focus was on the beautiful multi-million dollar homes in the wealthy Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

This was where the storm slammed into the coastline and tore away 15 to 20 meters of beach ripping away the back yards, and parts of these beautiful mansions, with it.

Sadly, these homes may be lost, and with them, some of the dreams of the owners. They’ll certainly never be the same again. It’s unsure if they’ll be covered by insurance, and if they’ve got mortgages on them, well, that’s going to hurt.

But here’s what’s even worse than the loss of those homes. It’s the horrible comments I saw all over main stream media from people about the ‘rich people’ who were ‘stupid’ enough to build their homes right on the ocean.

The people who took delight in slamming the home owners have powerful Money Monsters stealing their dreams and their future.

You know, most of those homes were built quite some time ago, before talks of climate change and super cell storms and tsunamis, etc.

And I can bet that when they were built, they had even more back yard than they did before that storm hit a fortnight ago. There was probably no indication back then they’d be threatened by the ocean when they were built.

Hindsight is a marvelous thing. 15 to 20 meters is a lot of land to lose.

The rub is, that though this will be a devastating set back for the people who have lost part, or maybe all of, these beautiful homes, here’s what I know about them……….

They’ll pick themselves up, dust themselves off and they’ll recreate something magical from the rubble. Even if the worst happens and they’re homes have to be destroyed and they can’t build in that particular spot again.

Those people have a mindset that will get them back on their feet in a relatively short period of time. They did it before and they’ll do it again.

What else is certain is that those people who were all over Facebook calling those ‘rich’ all sorts of names and sniggering at their misfortune, are never going to achieve anything like that. At least not until they lose the judgement and have a massive change of belief systems and thought patterns.

Those people who relished in the pain of others, and were all critical about their wealth, are probably going to be ruled by their money monsters for the rest of their lives.

And the saddest thing of all, they can’t even see it.

They’re living by their negative belief systems and toxic judgements of wealthy people and money. And they’re ruled by their own lack of self worth and belief in themselves.

I doubt they even see a possibility for them ever getting out of the place their stuck in right now. That’s why they’re so quick to poke fun at the expense of others.

So, what are your money monsters stealing from you? What fears, doubts, self-esteem issues have you got hiding in your cupboards keeping you stuck?

Pay attention to your thoughts, your conversations, your belief systems. Are they expansive and possibility focused? Or are they negative, critical, judgemental, and stuck in lack and limitation?

It’s okay. I’m not judging you. We all have monsters in our cupboard. The difference between those who succeed and become wealthy and those who don’t, is whether or not you face and release those monsters, or allow them to rule you forever.

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