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3 Keys To Attracting More Abundance


Nov 22

The word 'abundance' has been tossed around a lot ever since the Law of Attraction was revealed to the masses in 'The Secret' 10 years ago. This was new information for most people and it shattered the way many thought about their lives. It gave them hope for the future. So 10 years on why are so many people struggling more than ever to survive, let alone create abundance and thrive?

Sadly, billions of people around the world experience a constant, debilitating sense of lack and that there’s not enough. Most people crave more abundance and the promise of it is very alluring.

The reason for this, in spite of the explosion of information about the Law of Attraction, is because we’ve made the solution to our problems too hard. Ironically, we’ve actually made it hard by looking for a quick fix. It doesn’t have to be hard, but the answer isn’t what most people want to hear.

What’s interesting is you live in an abundant Universe and you came from a source that is infinitely abundant. You, me, everyone is immersed in abundance 24 x 7, so why aren’t most people having a direct experience of abundance? It’s everywhere!

Unfortunately, in spite of all of the books, movies, courses, workshops and personal development programs out there, most people just aren’t getting the results they want. And it’s because they’re looking for an external quick fix rather than an internal shift.

The only thing standing between you and more abundance, is your mindset. Your thoughts, belief systems, fears and doubts, and sense of worthiness about abundance are the corner stones of you unlocking more abundance in your life.

Changing this subconscious conditioning can be tricky, but there are some simple steps you can take that will make a big impact on your abundance mindset and help you to get different results.

1. Clarity – Know What Abundance Looks Like To You

While most people will say they want more abundance, many have not stopped to really define what abundance looks like for them.

‘More money’ I hear you say. Well, that’s all well and good, but what does having more money look like to you? If I gave you $1, you’d have more money, but would you have what you believe to be abundance?

How would your life look if you were truly abundant? And don’t limit your vision to just money. Money is where most people focus their attention, but abundance is so much more than that.

In your version of abundance, include your health, relationships, career, spirituality, lifestyle and everything that makes up a truly abundant life for you.

Don’t settle for the stock standard version of abundance everyone seems to fall for either. Society has decided that an abundant person lives in a 10,000 square feet home, has a fancy car (or 2) in the garage, travels the world regularly, has a yacht, constantly dines out in fancy restaurants and generally living the Rockefeller lifestyle.

If this is what really makes your heart sing, then by all means hold onto that vision of abundance and go for it. But I recommend really getting to know yourself and what will give the you deepest feeling of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction in your life.

Also think about what contribution you want to make to the world. There is nothing more rewarding to the human spirit than making a positive contribution to the lives of others. No amount of money will give you the long term satisfaction that contribution can and will.

Now, write your vision down and refer to it every day. When you ask, the Universe answers. Next you need to let the abundance in.

2. Alignment

This is the step where most people get stuck. We’ve become so accustomed to living our lives according to the expectations of society and the people around us, that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in alignment with our vision and our purpose.

The best way to describe being in alignment is simply to refer to how you feel. If you’re feeling alive, joyful and happy, you’re in alignment. If you’re feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, afraid, despairing, shameful, depressed, or any negative emotion, you’re out of alignment.

What’s truly alarming is that millions of people have moved so far out of alignment, and become so disconnected from their truth, that they’ve had to resort to medication just to function in our society.

This is a tragedy that can, and must, be turned around.

So, how do you get into alignment? You choose thoughts and activities that make you feel a little bit better than you’re feeling right now. Don’t expect to make quantum leaps, just take it one small step at a time and you’ll find that every day will gradually get easier and easier.

If focusing on your vision makes you feel negative because you haven’t realised it yet, then focus on something that makes you feel good, or at least better, not worse.

There are some incredibly powerful techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing that speed up your ability to release your attachment to the negative emotions and get into alignment with what you truly want. And if you’d like to experience those you can become a part of my community at www.pitbullmindset.com and I’ll teach you EFT Tapping, and give you an experience of transformational Sound Healing.

So, the way you get into alignment is to do the things that make you feel good and allow your vision to unfold for you.

3. Inspired Action

There is one vital piece of this puzzle in our 3rd dimensional reality that most people want to ignore, and that is the necessity to take action. But not just any kind of action. You need to take inspired action!

In the world we live in, it’s not possible to sit at home meditating and just have everything you want come to you.

You came here to have a creative experience, and in order to have what you want, you need to engage with your environment in a way that helps you to create your vision.

When I refer to action, I don’t mean you have to slog your heart out 20 hours a day doing stuff just because someone said you have to work hard and do whatever it takes.

Action that comes from a place of inspiration when you’re focused on your vision is by far the most productive and efficient way you can achieve your vision.

Doing what you love and are particularly good at is a big part of this equation. You came here with gifts that are a part of living the mission and purpose you came in with when you were born into this incredible world.

And this journey is supposed to be fun, which it is when you’re leveraging your specific gifts, talents and unconscious competence, and just doing what gives you the most joy.

So, focus on your unique vision that you have decided to create for yourself and take the next logical step that you’re inspired to take. Do this and you’re on your way to creating a fulfilling life of wealth, freedom, joy and fulfillment.

They are the 3 keys to attracting more abundance. If you would like help in getting in alignment and living an abundant life, then join my free course, 21 Days of Tapping Into Abundance Masterclass, where I will share with you 21 videos over 21 days all with different EFT videos to help you tap your way into abundance. Register now and start living life on your terms today.