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EFT Tapping To Take Your Power Back

EFT Tapping

Oct 12

'You have infinite power and potential. This EFT Tapping video will help you to reclaim your true power so you can be the best you can be, and live life on your terms.'

Hundreds of spiritual leaders throughout history have sought to inspire us to claim our infinite personal power. They’re teachings are based on knowing the truth of our origin and when we connect and collaborate with spirit we are infinitely powerful. Many have followed their teachings and lived their lives by them.

So why do so many people still feel powerless to change their lives? Why are so many people stuck in a life of mediocrity and even misery when we have the power to determine the outcomes in our lives by focusing intently on what we want, taking inspired action, and having unshakable faith in our ability to achieve it.

The reason is because our environment conditions us out of the knowing and appreciation of our power. We know it when we arrive. As infants we know we have the power to command the Universe. But the ‘reality’ we are born into demonstrates something else to us, and as our subconscious develops it adopts these false teachings as it’s new truth, forgetting the infinite wisdom we were born with and is always available to us.

Wealthy and successful people weren’t blessed by some magic genie at birth that paved their way. The difference for these people is they know that they have the ability to achieve their vision and because of this belief, they keep failing their way forward until they succeed. Any setback they experience is simply a learning on their way to achieving their goal, not the end of the road. The resilience successful people have and their ability to bounce back from failure is born from their self belief and a deep inner knowing of the power they have within them.

The good news is, you can take your power back at anytime by simply deciding to and then taking the action steps required to make it happen. In today’s EFT Tapping video, I will help you to release that destructive feeling of powerlessness and start to step back into your true power. When you do this you will be unstoppable and capable achieving any goal or dream you decide to pursue and accomplish.

You’re an incredible being with so much potential. Use today’s tapping sequence to start unlocking that potential so you can be all you can be, live life on your terms, and create heaven on earth.

Have An Exceptional Day,
Marguerita Vorobioff