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5 Steps To Simplify Your Success

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Nov 23

Whilst achieving success and a grand vision for your future is never easy, it doesn't have to be hard either. As humans we have a tendency to over complicate everything and make our lives hard unnecessarily. These 5 steps will help you to achieve your goals and vision without all the struggle and difficulty that most people believe comes with success, wealth and freedom. It's time to simplify your success.

As a mindset mentor and success coach, almost everyone I’ve worked with has made success complicated and difficult, to the point that it’s become almost impossible, which is why they need someone like me to overcome the BS (belief systems) and blocks that are stopping them from being all they can be.

The vast majority of people have the odds stacked against them with beliefs about success, and about themselves, that causes them to complicate their journey toward their vision and make it a perpetual struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way, and I’m going to show you 5 steps you can take action on right now to help you to pave the way to simplifying your success, and get you to where you want to be far more quickly and easily in 2017.

1. Clarity – Have a clear understanding of what success means to you

When I’m coaching, most people can tell me what they don’t want, which is normally what they already have, but many can’t articulate clearly what they do want. How can anyone achieve their version of success it they don’t know what it looks like?

Your version of success will be uniquely different to everyone elses’ and it’s important you know what that looks like for you.

The stock standard version of success society has bought into is big houses, fancy cars, endless travel, expensive clothes and jewellery, and a long list of similar signs of someones financial affluence.

It may surprise you to know that many people have climbed this ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall and they’ve been left feeling hollow, empty, unfulfilled, confused, lonely and depressed. Having thought the answer to all their dreams lay in the trappings of everything money can buy, they find money was just a distraction and only bought them fleeting relief from their suffering.¬† They’ve worked hard to achieve their goals, and now they’re unsure what to do to actually be happy.

Would you consider someone who is wealthy and miserable more or less successful than someone who has moderate financial stability, is confident about their future, fulfilled, content and happy?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t have everything you want in the way you want, but just make sure you set yourself up to be both financially wealthy and insanely happy. Any alternative that involves you being miserable is not an option, don’t settle for anything less than having it all.

Be very clear about what will make you truly happy, and make sure it includes the contribution you’re making, because there is nothing more fulfilling or satisfying than making a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Does what you do each day add to the quality of the lives of others?

When you have a clear, compelling vision and sense of purpose that fires you up, it takes a hold of you and carries you with it, instead of you having to relentlessly drive it. A far simpler and more rewarding way to achieve your dreams for your future.

2. Know yourself intimately and always be authentic

So often we’re fighting so hard to keep up with the expectations of society and everyone else in our lives, we completely lose sight of who WE are and what WE want.

To rediscover who You really are, you must question everything about who you are right now and who you want to become.

  • Are you doing what you do because you think it’s what you have to do and what you’re expected to do, or does it fulfill you and feed your soul?
  • Does the way you’re living your life give you joy?
  • Do you feel as if you really know who you are and you’re living according to your own authentic blueprint?
  • Are you living your life on purpose?
  • Do you feel like you’re being true to you in everything you do?
  • Are you leveraging your unique gifts, talents and unconscious competence to create the life you want for yourself?

Do you truly understand the power you have within you to accomplish anything you put your mind to?

Once you’ve lost yourself in a sea of expectations and perceived ‘have to’s’, it can be tricky to rediscover and reclaim your true self and live from a place of truth, power and authenticity.

It’s infinitely easier and simpler to realise the vision you have for yourself when you’re being true to you, than when you’re trying to live up to someone elses version of who you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to do.

Living by someone elses’ version of what’s right for you is exhausting. You must be vigilant that you’re getting their version right, compromising on your truth and authenticity to please them and please society. Under those conditions, you are bound to fail.

And people will smell you out. Someone who is being true to themselves and authentic in the world will magnetize the right people to them to help them achieve their goals. A person who isn’t true to themselves, whether they know it or not, is likely to be perceived by others with a certain amount of suspicion. It’s an energy thing, and our human perceptions naturally pick up on someone who is not standing in their truth.

Set the intention to rediscover and reclaim who you are and live authentically to your own unique blueprint and you will find true happiness, fulfillment and success.

You will encounter resistance and disapproval from others, but if they require you to compromise your truth to please them and make them happy and comfortable, then they’re not worthy of your time, your energy or your love.

Always be true to you and you’ll never look back.

3. Clear up the BS that makes success difficult

We’re all born knowing our true power and fully aware of our connection to source, making us capable of being, doing and having anything our heart desires through our focused attention and action, and absolute belief in ourselves and our vision.

As we’re exposed to our new, dominant ‘reality’ of sensory perception, we’re conditioned into compliance and into believing we are virtually powerless and other people have all the power.

Negative thoughts, fears and doubts that are imposed on us by others and strong influences in our environment, under the premise that we have to comply in order to ‘fit in’ and not get into trouble, start to dictate our actions and our results.

We’re expected to fit into a mold, and those who love us do whatever they can to make us fit. Not because they want to hurt us, or repress our brilliance and our greatness, but because they truly believe that’s what’s best for us. This is only because the same thing happened to them and they don’t know any better.

By diligently doing the work to recognize the negative belief systems, thoughts, fears and doubts, or ‘stories’ as I call them, and then using powerful tools like Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing to release your emotional attachment to them, you’re free to achieve anything you put your mind to.

Anything is possible when you know yourself as infinitely powerful, and success becomes much simpler without all the BS, blocks and hindrances to achieving your vision, sabotaging you along the way.

The personal development work you do to pave your way to success will be some of the most important work you will ever do to enable you to be all you can be and live life on your terms.

4. Keep taking the next logical step

Many people get tripped up thinking they have to make detailed plans of action prior to doing anything, and this is often what stops people in their tracks.

Because they don’t know ‘how’ to achieve their vision, they don’t ever make an action plan and, according to the model they’re adhering to, they can’t go any further until that part is complete.

Some people work best with detailed action plans mapping their direction. It gives them a sense of assurance and something to keep them on track and stay focused.

Others, however, like to just take action on their vision and figure it out as they go. And the truth is, either way, you’re going to be figuring it out as you go. If you’ve never achieved the vision you have before, then you’re not going to know¬†every step of the process or how it’s all going to turn out. And if you’re vision is worth achieving, not having achieved it before is part of the equation.

The good news is, as long as you hold to your vision, you will always know the next logical step to take.

If creating an action plan is stopping you in your tracks, then formalize your vision on paper and just take the next logical step. As long as you do this with enough consistency, maintaining awareness of whether or not each step is getting you closer to your goals, and making appropriate course adjustments, arriving at your ultimate destination is inevitable.

5. Let go and let God

Your success will take a collaborative effort.

  • Let go of your need to do everything on your own, and partner with the Universe, Source, God, The Divine, or whatever brand of higher power you adhere to. The Universe will do 80% of the heavy lifting by lining you up with the right people, circumstances, guides, mentors, courses, opportunities and information to support you in achieving your vision, when you let it!
  • Let go of your expectations and emotional investment of the outcome. You cannot predict the future or how things will turn out. You cannot know what will happen when you take the next logical step. When you stop being emotionally attached to what you think should happen, or what you want to happen, you don’t indulge or waste valuable time and energy on disappointment or frustration. Failure is an essential step in the journey toward success. And the only real failure is when you give up on your vision. Never give up and you can’t fail.
  • Let go of your judgement of any situation and just know that The Universe is conspiring in your favour to bring your vision to bear.
  • Let go of your fear and know that everything will always be ok and you cannot get it wrong. Fix things when they don’t go according to plan, which will inevitably happen; and turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Let go of your doubt and believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving so much more than you could possibly imagine. Trust that, no matter what happens, you’ve got this.
  • Let go of your criticism and judgement of yourself. Know that you are a Divine Being and you’re doing the best you can with the current skill set, knowledge, tools and understanding that you have. Accept yourself completely and be confident that you’ll achieve your vision in the end.

The only thing you need to hold onto is your ultimate vision for your future. Whatever happens in between the first step and the last step are simply pieces of the journey as it unfolds, and there are many paths that lead you to your ultimate destination.

And finally, let God (The Universe) take control and lead you in the right direction. The Universe can see all the pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together. You have such a limited vision as all you can see is what’s right under your nose. When everything seems to be falling apart, it’s actually falling together.

Whilst you’re holding to your vision and taking action in faith, you can only see the tip of the iceberg, whilst underneath the surface, there is a whole lot of activity being taken care of that you cannot possibly even begin to understand. Have faith and let The Universe work out the details and take inspired action one step at a time.

When you stop worrying about how it’s all going to turn out, you make your path to success a lot simpler, and a lot less stressful and complicated.

So there are the 5 steps to making your success simple. If you would like help in getting in alignment and living an abundant life, then join my free course, 21 Days of Tapping Into Abundance Masterclass, where I will share with you 21 videos over 21 days all with different EFT videos to help you tap your way into abundance. Register now and start living life on your terms today.