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EFT Tapping For Self Worth and Abundance


Nov 23

Your level of self worth, confidence and self belief is one of the biggest influences to the amount of abundance, success, wealth and freedom you will achieve. When you truly believe in yourself and your ability, anything is possible.

When you were born, you knew that you were an incredibly powerful and abundant being, and that you deserved to have anything your heart desired. Your self esteem was extremely high.

However, from the day you arrived on the planet, you were conditioned mentally, spiritually and emotionally by your environment.

As we grow up, we re-evaluate ourselves in relation to our environment. We forget where we came from and who we are and instead we determine our level of worth from the most significant people in our lives: our parents, family, friends, the media and authority figures.

Our direct experiences within that environment are also powerful influences in relation to what conclusions we make about it, and how best to navigate our environment for what we perceive to be the best outcomes for ourselves and our future.

Our level of self worth is a strong influencing factor in our ability to achieve success, create wealth and abundance and live life on our terms.

From the ages of 0 to 2 the programming of our subconscious mind happens with no filters or level of critical thinking. We just absorb everything and allow what we hear and experience to shape what we believe about ourselves and our environment. From 2 to 7, there’s a little more discernment, but very little.

So what we think about ourselves is largely derived from what others display to us and how we interpret our environment.

Sadly, because of how the most significant people in our lives such as our parents, family members and teachers have been conditioned themselves, they unwittingly pass on their self worth, or lack of, onto us.

For thousands of years, the conditioning of humanity has been toward low self worth and repression, not empowerment. This is why the self-development and self-empowerment industry is thriving.

People are starting to wake up and are saying ‘I’m tired of living a mediocre life and I know I’m capable of so much more.’ And because we’ve been programmed our whole life by our environment to think we don’t deserve to have what we want, it takes a significant amount of effort to drop the old programming and reconnect with the truth of who we are, where we came from, what we deserve and what we’re capable of.

The good news is you can increase your level of self worth relatively quickly with the right tools that help you to recognize the false stories you’ve been led to believe and release your emotional attachment to them.

The ultimate truth is that you deserve to be, do and have anything and everything your heart desires. You are a magnificent being, with infinite power and potential and any belief, paradigm or story that doesn’t support that truth is false.

There are several techniques I love that help to quickly release emotional attachment to the limiting beliefs, subconscious conditioning and paradigms that stop you from being all you can be. One of my favourites is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping.

By using this incredibly powerful technique, which is based on the ancient practice of acupuncture, you can quickly release false beliefs and paradigms that are stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams quickly and with a minimum of stress and distress.

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