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EFT Tapping – Abundance Is Your Birthright


Nov 23

'You came from a source of infinite abundance. You were born an abundant being and abundance is your birthright. Today's video has an EFT Tapping sequence so you can claim the abundance that you deserve and live life on your terms.'

If you’re not experiencing abundance in all areas of your life right now, it’s because your subconscious mind has been conditioned with thoughts of lack, limitation, struggle and negative belief systems about abundance.

When you arrived, you knew you were an infinitely abundant and powerful being. You knew that by simply focusing on your vision, you had the power to shape your life and command your destiny.

But after you were born, you were repeatedly exposed, through your environment, to a collection of beliefs that undermined that knowing.

The tangible nature of what we see as our ‘reality’ is hard to deny when all our human senses reinforce the beliefs we’re exposed to through our experiences and what is demonstrated to us by our surroundings.

We become a product of our environment, believing what is demonstrated to us over and over and over. Our subconscious becomes conditioned with these false beliefs and continues, moment to moment, to seek evidence to prove that programming right.

The real truth is that you live in an abundant Universe and you have access to infinite abundance every single moment of your life. Your conditioning and programming causes you to shut yourself off from this abundance and from your true power.

You conform to expectations and the paradigms that everyone else in your environment is living by. This tendency to conform is stealing your abundance, and your dreams, from you.

If you want to experience abundance, all you have to do is to free yourself from the limiting beliefs and paradigms that are keeping you stuck in this holding pattern.

To do this you must first recognize the truth of just how powerful you truly are. As soon as you start to explore this truth, your life will start to change and you will start to live life on your terms.

You were born abundant. You are an abundant being. You live in an abundant Universe and on an abundant planet. You are swimming in an ocean of abundance. Look for evidence of these statements every where, and start to live your life by them and watch in awe how abundance becomes the predominant force in your life.

You get what you focus on. If your focus is on lack, you will experience lack. If your focus and attention is locked on abundance, you will experience more abundance.

Changing your paradigms is a lot easier when you have the right tools and strategies. Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, is one of my favourite techniques for releasing limiting beliefs and paradigms and living life from a place of abundance and freedom.

If you would like to explore this transformational technique and experience more abundance in your life, join the 21 Day Tapping Into Abundance Program by registering now using the link below.