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EFT Tapping – Say Yes To Abundance


Jul 31

Are you saying 'YES' to Abundance? Or are you blocking abundance coming to you through the stories you have about it? Today's EFT Tapping will help you to change that.

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Do you want to attract more abundance into your life?

In today’s video, I share a story of a woman who created a million dollar business just days after making a significant shift in her abundance mindset because of a powerful realisation.

I heard this woman speaking on an International Online Summit I was also a speaker for. Her story was from several years ago when she was struggling financially. Her and her family decided to take a break in spite of their circumstances and they want to Brazil for a few days holiday.

Whilst in Brazil, they went to a restaurant that is world renowned for the way it cooks meat. As you sit at your table, waiters bring a selection of different meats to your table. For the sake of efficiency, if you want them to bring meat to you, you have a card that you turn to ‘Yes’ and if you don’t want them to bring meat, you turn the card to ‘No’. This stops the waiters having to constantly ask diners if they want meat when they don’t.

During the meal, the woman made the connection between the ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ card and abundance. She realised all she had to do was flip her ‘Abundance Card’ to Yes. A bit more than a week later, her business reached a million dollars. Whilst this is impressive, it goes to show that anything is possible when you shift your mindset. 

In today’s EFT Tapping session I take you through a powerful tapping to help you have a similar breakthrough as this woman in the story by making sure your subconscious mind is saying ‘YES’ to abundance.

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Marguerita Vorobioff is a Mindset Mentor and Light Worker. Through energy frequency modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, Marguerita is able to help you release core beliefs and paradigms that are keeping you from realising your dream life or wealth, success, freedom and happiness.