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EFT Tapping + The Most Powerful Phrase For Creating Your Dream Life


Jul 22

Combine EFT Tapping with one of the most powerful phrases, 'I am that I am', to create the right mindset and consciousness to be truly successful and create life beyond your wildest dreams.

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To create your dream life, you must have a rock solid mindset. 

Another word I like to use for mindset is consciousness.

When you believe in the truth of where you came from and your connection to All That Is, you will truly know you are infinitely powerful and capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

One of the most powerful phrases to create this level of belief in yourself and knowing your connection to your true powerful self, is ‘I Am That I Am’.

This phrase which was first uttered by God when he appeared to Moses instructing him to free the Israelites in his name. Moses asked who should he say sent him, and God replied Yahweh, or ‘I am that I am’.

By using EFT Tapping as you repeat this phrase, you will expand your consciousness and acknowledge who you truly are and realise your true power.

Tap along with this video daily to step into your greatness and be ALL YOU CAN BE!

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Marguerita Vorobioff is a Mindset Mentor and Light Worker. Through energy frequency modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, Marguerita is able to help you release core beliefs and paradigms that are keeping you from realising your dream life or abundance, success, freedom and happiness.