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EFT Tapping for Freedom From The Tyranny of Debt


Sep 08

'Debt is a cunning thief that can steal your dreams, your destiny, your dignity, your freedom, and all hope of ever being free financially, if you let it.'

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Sadly, so many people are fighting tooth and nail just to meet their minimum debt obligations and keep the wolves from their door.

But today, getting into increasing amounts of debt is as normalized as getting a cup of coffee, and it can become a vicious, depressing cycle if it gets out of control.

Our society is conditioned to be in debt. The more debt we’re in, the more the banks and the super elite like it because it keeps us enslaved to the system. We are offered debt at every turn to help us buy things we want. It’s a vicious and very destructive cycle.

Many people feel like they’re drowning financially, but it doesn’t have to be this way……

…….today is your lucky day, because I’m going to help you start to find a solution to your debt situation, so you can be free from debt for forever.

Negative feelings about debt are causing resistance to you receiving money in your life. By releasing the negative emotions, you put yourself in a position of power to look objectively at your situation and come up with creative solutions to take back control of your money and your financial future.

There are many negative emotions people feel around their debt including sadness, fear, stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, disappointment, shame, guilt, hopelessness, and many more.

Use today’s EFT Tapping session to release your negative emotions around your debt so you can be empowered to take control of your debt and your life.

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