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EFT Tapping: The Key To Happiness – Forgiveness


Oct 21

Forgiveness is the key to your wealth, success & happiness. Forgive yourself & focus your precious time and energy on your future success and happiness with this EFT Tapping video.

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Forgiveness is a topic that’s discussed often and at length in spiritual circles, but not so much in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

All too often we focus exclusively on our failings and mistakes, and beat ourselves up about what we haven’t achieved, what we did wrong, and what we could have done better.

This is a guaranteed way to destroy your self-confidence, and ultimately any chance you have at creating your wealth, success, freedom and happiness.

It also prevents us from seeing how much we have learnt, grown and achieved on our journey, which are the gifts our failures and mistakes provide for us.

Your time and energy are precious and must be spent in the most productive possible way to set yourself up for success. 

When your focus is on your failures and mistakes, you’ve got a lot less energy to focus on your future success.

Failure is not just inevitable, it’s essential if you want to achieve your goals and dreams. And the more energy you waste on regretting those failures, the slower your progress toward success is going to be.

By letting go of your emotional attachment to your stuff ups and having forgiveness for yourself, you’re clear to move forward toward your vision a lot more quickly and effectively.

And by taking this a step further and focusing on your achievements and what you’ve done well, you’ll build your self confidence, self belief and self esteem which are an essential part of your success.

Tap along with today’s EFT Tapping video to embrace the energy of forgiveness and stop beating yourself up so you can move forward a lot more quickly and effectively toward your goals and dreams.

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Marguerita Vorobioff is a Mindset Mentor and Light Worker. Through energy frequency modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, Marguerita is able to help you release core beliefs and paradigms that are keeping you from realising your dream life or wealth, success, freedom and happiness.