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What Will You Do When You Have A Million Dollars


Jul 21

What will you do when you have a million dollars?

Have you ever considered this question seriously? There are several essential elements to this simple yet powerful question that are the key to wealth and abundance.

  1. The language used. Notice the certainty in the sentence. It’s not ‘What would you do IF you have a million dollars?’. The key words used are ‘will‘ and ‘when‘. This gives the subconscious mind the message that it’s going to happen and it starts to orchestrate ways to make it happen. There’s no question about the ultimate occurrence, the only question is the timing, and that’s up to you.
  2. Wealthy people don’t have a million dollars land in their lap and go ‘Hmmm. What am I going to do with that money?’. It’s already allocated in purchases and investments before it even arrives. And trust me, smart wealthy people do have a percentage of  liquid assets, but that money is not going to languish in a bank account doing nothing. It will be put to work!

    Answering this question with clarity, knowing specifically how that money is going to be allocated is another strong message to the subconscious and the Universe that when that million dollars arrives you’re prepared and you know what you’re going to do with it. Write out where that money is going and think about how it’s going to feel when you have it and focus on it daily.
  3. You get what you focus on! While you’re focusing on what you’re going to do with that money, you’re not thinking, ‘I don’t have enough’, ‘I’m broke’, ‘I can’t pay the bills’ and stressing about money. That’s fear based response and is going to prevent you from turning your financial situation around.
    By focusing on the answer to this question, you will get results that reflect what your thinking. You’ll see opportunities and receive inspiration that will enable you to attract the money you’re focusing on. The next step is to take massive action on those opportunities!
  4. When you’re answering this question, think about how you’re going to be smart and put that money to work for you. Start investigating solid investment opportunities that will help multiply that money over time. Allocate some of it to invest in yourself and your personal development. Put a small amount aside for spending on stuff that just makes you feel good. Send your subconscious the message you’re going to be responsible with this money and capitalize on it for years to come.

    Again, this is a strong message for the subconscious and trains you to create long term sustainable wealth that will increase every year for the rest of your life. This develops your money mindset.

Now you can see just how important your language and the way you frame things is to you creating different results in your life.

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