Is Shame Blocking Wealth In Your Life? – Pitbull Mindset

Is Shame Blocking Wealth In Your Life?

EFT Tapping

Nov 21

Shame and guilt are very destructive and stop people from creating wealth and attracting money. And most people don't realise how much shame they have in their emotional field. This EFT tapping video will help you to release them from your life and open up the flow of abundance of wealth and money.

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Shame and guilt are powerful destructive forces, and most people don't realise how much shame is driving their behaviour and their results with money and wealth. 

This EFT Tapping video will help you to release shame and guilt so you can create an abundance of wealth, freedom and happiness and live life beyond your wildest dreams..

Shame is much more prevalent in humanity than we realise. 

We feel shame because we haven't achieved the goals we set for ourselves, because we're not living up to our potential, because we haven't worked hard enough, because we haven't lived up to someone elses expectations, because we failed, because we don't have the kind of money we would like, because we're not working out and looking our best physically, because our relationship failed, etc, etc, etc.

The list of things we hold onto shame about is extensive, and it is probably destroying your mental and emotional wellbeing to the point that it's blocking your wealth and happiness. 

Tap along with this EFT Tapping video to release all the shame and guilt from your emotional field and start living life on your terms today!

So use EFT Tapping regularly to release blocks, limiting beliefs, stories, fears, doubts, subconscious conditioning and paradigms that are stopping you from living your dream life, and expect magic to unfold.

Marguerita Vorobioff is a Mindset Mentor and Light Worker. Through energy frequency modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, Marguerita is able to help you release core beliefs and paradigms that are keeping you from realising your dream life or wealth, success, freedom and happiness.