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Confidence: The Essential Trait For Success


Sep 16

'Confidence and belief in themselves and their ability to bounce back from failure is a characteristic all super achievers share.'

Super achievers are a breed of their own and have certain distinct characteristics and traits peculiar to them which ensures their success, even in the face of adversity.

Obviously the number 1 trait that sets them apart is their mindset. We all know that. Super achievers just think differently.

For one thing, they don’t let their fears and doubts dictate their actions and stop them from moving forward in the face of adversity.

But how do they do that?

While most people are anchored to the spot by their belief systems and conditioning, how do they manage to plough through challenges that would give most of us a coronary?

I mean, many super achievers have achieved more before breakfast than most people achieve in their life time!

Well, one thing in particular that gives super achievers their super powers is the confidence and self belief in their ability to bounce from any set back or failure.

They just know internally that no matter what happens, they can recover if an opportunity doesn’t perform.

Super successful people make decisions quickly and instinctively based on sound knowledge of the terrain, and they don’t play games they don’t understand.

They make a strategic action plan and take deliberate, calculated action consistently.

And if everything turns to poo, they know there’s always another opportunity waiting for them that will help them recover any losses they make. They have complete faith in their ability to achieve against the odds and make money on the next big thing. But to find the next big thing, they’re willing to take a chance on multiple opportunities, and they know they must because even they don’t have a crystal ball.

There are no guarantees, ever. All successful people have an appetite for risk and are willing to fail. That’s a whole lot easier when you believe in yourself and know you can recover from failures and losses quickly.

The cost of not taking a potential opportunity could prove far more costly than just going for it. I heard a story recently who was talked out of investing in Facebook by his father way back in the very beginning. That failure to take action cost him a couple of billion dollars. That decision is probably going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

While 99% of the population are rooted to the spot thinking about how bad it would be if they lost, super achievers are focusing on how good it will be when it succeeds. And if they don’t get the returns they expect, their attitude is ‘NEXT’!

Do you believe in yourself? If not, using EFT Tapping is a great way to let go of those belief systems that are stopping you from having faith in your ability and your brilliance. Release those anchors so you can fly!

Marguerita Vorobioff