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3 Reasons Women Are Undercharging & What You Can Do About It


Feb 20

'Sadly, most entrepreneurial women undercharge for their services. Here are 3 primary reasons this is  occurring and how you can overcome these destructive paradigms and finally start charging what you're worth.'

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Even though it’s 2017, and women have been fighting for equality for decades, the sad truth is that while women have made incredible progress as leaders and business owners…we still undervalue our work and our contribution.

You may have felt like…

I’m not experienced (or good) enough to charge higher prices.

If I raise my prices, no one will buy from me.

What I do comes so easily to me, how can I charge a premium for it?

Other coaches and service providers are changing less, so I have to stay competitive.

Here’s the thing…what you charge is a direct reflection of how much you value your work. If you’re undercharging, discounting or scared to raise your prices, you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

There are 3 primary reasons most women are not charging what they’re worth.

1. Self-worth, Self-confidence, Deserving

The vast majority of women have feelings of ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I don’t deserve it’. And if you’re not charging what you’re worth, I can almost guarantee this is a part of your psychology.

Who knows where these belief systems came from originally, but they have been passed done from mother to daughter for generation after generation for hundreds of years.

This story of ‘I’m not good enough’ is completely false and once you release this story, your whole world will begin to open up and you’ll start attracting clients and opportunities where people value you and what you do and are happy to pay you what you’re worth.

We live in a global community now and there is no reason to restrict your market to your immediate local area. With technology, communication and numerous software solutions connecting almost everyone on the planet, the whole world could be your playground, if you’re willing to break down old paradigms and allow yourself to play on a bigger scale.

2. Women Put Everyone Else First

Women are natural nurturers and carers. We want everyone to be healthy, happy and get along and we put ourselves on the front line to be the person to facilitate that.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re neglecting your needs, wants and desires.

If you’re constantly giving more than you’re receiving, then it stands to reason that eventually you’re going to run out of resources to give.

Giving and receiving must be in balance for you to thrive and help others to do so as well.

Turn your focus around to ensuring your cup is overflowing first before giving your precious time, energy and resources to others.

Build your dreams, while helping others to build theirs too.

This does not come naturally to most women, and it’s time to turn that around.

It’s time for women to be selfish and attend to their needs, so they can give even more when they’re completely taken care of.

3. Out Dated Societal Paradigms

For decades society has been conditioning women to stay small and subservient to men and the system.

By repressing the strength and power of women, men have been allowed to dominate the world, and look at what a great job they’ve done leading us so far.

Even today in 2017, an underlying, unspoken expectation of society is for women to know they’re place, do as they’re told and don’t rock the boat.

We’re conditioned to believe we are the weaker sex and that our place is as support crew, nurturing and taking care of the family, whilst the men are on the front line, leading the way.

For this reason:

  • Women are traditionally paid less than men, and we’ve accepted it.
  • Women are less likely to be promoted into leadership roles than men, and we’ve accepted it.
  • Women’s ideas and opinions are less respected in the work place and the home, and we’ve accepted it.
  • Women are left to pick up and clean up after everyone else, including our men, and we’ve accepted it.
  • Women are not encouraged or supported to use their initiative, or run corporations, and we’ve accepted it.
  • Women have to work harder to get noticed and compete with their male counterparts, and we’ve accepted it.
  • Women have had to put up with sexual harassment and discrimination, and we’ve accepted it.

It’s time to stop accepting being treated like second class citizens and stand up for our rights as intelligent, strong, highly effective managers and business owners and demand we are treated equally and get paid what we’re worth!

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14 World Experts Giving You Their Secrets To Winning With  Money, Mindset & Business

Marguerita is a Mindset Mentor and Light Worker. Through energy frequency modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, Marguerita is able to help you release core beliefs and paradigms that are keeping you from realizing your dream life or abundance, success, freedom and happiness.