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Own Your Greatness & Stand In Your Power In 2018

Are you ready to reclaim your divine power?

Do you want to accelerate your wealth & success in 2018?

What are your plans for creating ultimate freedom over the next 12 months?

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    To create your dream life, you must first have absolute clarity of what that looks like and the direction you're going to take to get there. The is the first place many people go wrong because if you don't get this right, you'll end up working super hard only to find out the outcome is not what you want.
  • 2
    It's well recognised that your achievements will be determined by your ability to focus relentlessly and your vision and bring a solution focused, whatever it takes kind of attitude. You aren't born with it, but it can be developed and the Wealthy Leaders Masterclass will help you to develop the focus and attitude held by leaders and champions
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    You were born with special gifts and talents, and you've developed a unique body of knowledge, skills and talents that come together to create a powerful package with which you have the ability to create massive wealth and claim your freedom. During the Wealthy Leaders Masterclass I will help you to recognising those special gifts, talents and skills and bring them together into a profitable, saleable service to create wealth.
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    The only thing standing between you and the life of your dreams is your fears, doubts, level of self confidence and the stories you've adopted that are stopping you from stepping into your infinite divine power. During the live coaching I will help you to release those blocks so you can get aligned and into flow with your purpose and achieve success effortlessly.
  • 5
    When the other keys are in place, you must take inspired action to achieve your vision and your dreams. I will help you to create a strategic action plan to fast track your success and wealth over the next 6 months.
  • 6
    Money is a highly emotionally charged subject with an intricate web of negative condition associated with it. During the course I will help you to uncover and clear the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from manifesting more money into your life. 
  • 7
    I will work with you, teach you and guide you to adopt proven business and success techniques and strategies that I have learnt from being in business for 15 years. When you do the right things in the right order, success becomes a habit. 
  • 8
    Most people hate sales and marketing. And yet, without this component your business is doomed! So I'll show you how to market yourself and sell your services in a way that isn't like selling at all. When you're aligned and drop your judgement about this essential component of any successful business, the entire equation changes. When you sell from the heart, people will flock to work with you.

What's Included In The 3 Month Masterclass?

12 Weeks of Intensive Success Training and Coaching to Fast Track Your Success and Wealth Creation in 2018, Plus More!

12 Weekly Video Modules

Duration: 4h 30mins

Receive 1 pre-recorded video each week for 12 weeks guiding you through essential action steps of setting yourself up for success. 

6 Live Group Coaching Sessions

Duration: 9h 30 mins

Get personally coached by me during the 6 live 90 minute group coaching sessions where I will guide you through the various parts of the course and help to clear your limiting beliefs and blocks that are stopping you from achieving the success you desire.

12 Weekly Sound Healing & Meditation Recordings

Duration: 4 hr

Each week you will receive a different meditation and sound healing to download with special divine energies infused in them to help you release limiting beliefs and blocks and reclaim your divine power so you can achieve your goals and dreams effortlessly. Listen to these recordings daily to accelerate your success & wealth.

One-On-One Breakthrough Session

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Book a 90 minute one-on-one breakthrough session midway through the course to quickly clear any limiting beliefs and stories, fears and doubts that are sabotaging your success so your clear to move forward quickly, confidently and leverage the power of the universe to achieve your goals and dreams.

3 Extra Q&A Calls

Duration: 4hr 30mins

After the 12 weeks you'll have access to join another 3 monthly live Q&A sessions to help you with any part of the course, keep you on track and accountable, and continue to clear limiting beliefs and stories so you can continue to move forward on your success journey. 

Closed Facebook Group

Receive exclusive access to the rest of the group coaching community so you can connect 24 x 7 with myself and the other people of the group and receive ongoing support and encouragement during your time on the course for a lifetime.
You will have lifetime access to this group so you can remain connected and continue to receive the benefits of the growing community.

About Marguerita Vorobioff

Marguerita is a mindset mentor and light worker.

Marguerita has been working with thought leaders and change makers for 15 years to help clear their limiting beliefs and stand in their infinite divine power so they can create a business and a life they love, and make a positive difference in the world.

Using powerful tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Sound Healing, Divine Energies, Peace Process, Instant Miracle Technique, other energy healing techniques and proven mindset coaching strategies, Marguerita quickly removes limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to your success, wealth & freedom.

“When you change your mindset, anything is possible.”

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