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PitBull Wealth Group Coaching Intensive

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Coaching is Thursdays 8:30am Australian EST (Brisbane)

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Marguerita Vorobioff
Mindset Mentor & Light Worker

Are you ready to seize the massive potential that's surging through you and use it to launch you into a bright, abundant and fulfilling future?

Are You Ready To:

  • Have more wealth & success?
  • Feel more certainty & security?
  • Make a bigger contribution?
  • Have more freedom?
  • Feel happier and have more inner peace?
  • Leverage your infinite inner power?
  • Have more fun?​

If You've Answered 'Yes' To Any Of These Questions, You're In The Right Place

Let’s be honest, you’d be an unusual human being, or in denial, if you didn’t want those things.

And I am committed to helping you step into the person you need to be to have all that, and more, if you’re ready.

You have everything you need within you to achieve all of your dreams, and so much more. What you need now is clarity, a strategic action plan and to release any blocking beliefs that are holding you back!

And that’s where this program is going to over deliver for you big time!

The World Is In Crisis & Buckling Under The Weight of Despair ~
Don't Buckle With it!

Right now, the world is a cesspool of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, frustration and anger.

You might be asking, What has that got to do with me?’

Great question.

The thing is, this festering sore of negativity and pain is tearing people, and our society, apart from the inside out.

People are starving for leaders to give them hope, encouragement and someone to tell them they’ll be ok.

Unfortunately, no such leader exists right now. At least not where we’re looking.

If you’re feeling a sense of hopelessness because of this leadership vacuum, I have some great news for you.

Because the leader you’re looking for you is so close they’ve been right under your nose the whole time, but you haven’t been able to see them.

The leader you’ve been searching for is YOU!

It’s time to stop being a victim of your circumstances and start being your own champion.

The only person you can really rely on to look after you, is you.

Now we’ve identified that you’re the solution to you’re problems, I’m going to take a leap and ask you to do something really radical.

Are You Ready To Play A Bigger Game?

If you really want to create change in your life, you’re going to have to step up and play a bigger game.

This might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be hard, and it is sooooooo worth it.

Let me show you what I mean.

Are you prepared to play along with me for a moment?

For just a minute, put aside all your troubles, fears and doubts.

Now, close your eyes and imagine being able to live and thrive as your true self, living your life’s purpose and having all the resources you need to fulfill your dreams, and contribute to the world in a way that brings you enormous joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Go on. Take a moment to immerse yourself in your dream.

It seems like a fairy tale doesn’t it?

But this can be your reality.

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Reality Is Fantasy & Fantasy Is Reality

What if your perception of your reality is actually an illusion, and your fantasy is in fact the true reality?

I know this radical idea is probably messing with your head right now isn’t it?

But the shocking truth is, this is the real nature of your existence.

The ‘reality’ we perceive with our 5 senses is actually an illusion.

Lack, limitation and struggle is a construct of the subconscious mind that you’ve been conditioned into and you don’t have to live from that place any more.

All you have to do is make a choice!

Once you release the false paradigm of lack, you’ll see that all things are possible and you can create your fantasy just the way you want it.

The key is to reconnect with your true power and decide to unleash your greatness into the world.

What Does Abundance Mean To You?

What do you think of when you think of the word ‘Abundance‘.

Most people think of money.

And I agree, money is absolutely one very important aspect of abundance, but why limit yourself.

Abundance isn’t one dimensional.

Abundance is about
– vibrant health
– loving, deeply connected relationships
– fulfillment and satisfaction in everything you do
– making a contribution to the world
– freedom to do what you want, when you want
– having more than enough of everything your heart desires
– inner peace and happiness
– certainty and confidence in your future

Abundance is living your life on purpose, feeling fulfilled, happy and grateful to be alive!

And you can have all of this when you have the right mindset, and take the right action.

Abundance Is The Essence Of Who You Are

You burst into this world from a source of infinite abundance and power.

So doesn’t it make sense that, because you came from this source, that you are a part of this source, and this source is a part of you?

In fact, this omnipotent power is the essence of who you are.

The problem is, you’ve simply forgotten and disconnected from your powerful source.

You’ve bought into all the BS (belief systems) and stories that were demonstrated to you as you grew up.

Because of the most powerful Universal Law, the Law of Attraction, you’ve attracted situations, experiences and events that prove these stories and belief systems.

It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy in a ground hog day kind of loop.

Breaking these paradigms and belief systems creates a massive shift in your results in all areas of your life.

Introducing the
PitBull Wealth Group Coaching Intensive

During the 3 Months PitBull Wealth & Success Coaching Intensive, I’ll guide you step by step through the labyrinth of your mind to weed out and release blocks and belief systems that are stopping you from being all you can be and living from a place of your true, authentic power, so you can create your life your way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sense of absolute faith and trust that you have the power to change your life and create what you want, when you want, no matter what?

If you’ve been studying the Law of Attraction, then you know you get what you focus on.

And your results are living proof of what you’re focusing on.

Whilst you might be focusing on positive thinking, if you’re not getting the results you want, there’s something going on deeper in your subconscious mind preventing you from connecting deeply to what you want.

Are You Ready To Step Into Your True, Infinite Power?

Do you want to be truly, spectacularly, deliciously ALL you can be and live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

You can, and I’ll help you to make that leap across the great divide between your subconscious mind to creating that dream life.

You can have all the knowledge, skill and strategies you need, but if there’s any fear, doubt or lack of self esteem, none of that is worth anything.

That’s how powerful the subconscious is. It will make you or break you!

  • What if you cleared all the self doubt and fear, and had rock solid self-belief and self confidence?
  • What if you had the belief systems, paradigms and behaviours of a super successful person?
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • What if you could activate the frequency of abundance within you, so you naturally attracted abundance in all areas of your life?

With the right tools, techniques and strategies, you can become that person.

And that’s what the PitBull Wealth Coaching Intensive program is all about.

The PitBull Wealth Group Coaching Intensive Will Help You:

  • Achieve clarity for your future and your vision
  • Improve Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence & Self-Worth
  • Release Blocks, Limiting Beliefs And Stories That Are Stopping You From Being ALL You Can Be
  • Make Much Faster Progress Towards Your Goals Than You Will On Your Own
  • Know What Action You Need To Take To Achieve Your Goals & Dreams
  • Become The Person You Need To Be To Have Everything Your Heart Desires
  • Make A Bigger Contribution To The World
  • Take Consistent Inspired Action To Create Abundance, Wealth & Freedom In Your Life
  • Activate Universal Power & Abundance In Your Vibration
  • Step Into The Effortless Flow Of A Truly Powerful & Successful Person

Are You Ready To Play A Bigger Game & Create Your Dream Life?

What's Included In The PitBull Wealth Group Coaching Intensive...

  • 3 Months group coaching calls - 2 x 90 minute calls per month
  • 1 Live Wealth Meditation & Sound Activation Session Per Month
  • All sessions are recorded and made available to you
  • Access To The Dedicated Closed Facebook Group

Coaching is Thursdays 8:30am Australian EST (Brisbane)

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