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Dec 24

Love To You This Christmas

2017 , Christmas , success

A Heart Felt Merry Christmas To You & Your Loved Ones A Fresh Approach To Manifesting, Abundance & Success in 2017Free Training Thursday 30th December at 8am Australian EST REGISTER NOW FOR THE FREE TRAINING I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of my tribe this year and wish […]

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Dec 21

Sound Healing for Reconnecting With Universal Power

happiness , sound healing

‘You have Universal Power within you. When you reconnect with this power and unleash it, you are capable of creating whatever world you wish to create for yourself and others. This sound healing meditation will help you to do that.’ Click Below To download the mp3 audio and transcript DOWNLOAD MP3 RECORDING You came from […]

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Nov 23

EFT Tapping – Abundance Is Your Birthright

abundance , money

‘You came from a source of infinite abundance. You were born an abundant being and abundance is your birthright. Today’s video has an EFT Tapping sequence so you can claim the abundance that you deserve and live life on your terms.’ 21 Day Tapping Into Abundance Program If you’re not experiencing abundance in all areas […]

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Oct 07

EFT Tapping for Joy

abundance , EFT Tapping , Emotional Freedom Technique , happiness

‘Joy and happiness is an inside job! Feeling joyful improves your quality of life and also helps attract more abundance, love, freedom and success. Use EFT to increase your feelings of joy and abundance.’ Click Below To download the mp3 audio and transcript DOWNLOAD AUDIO AND TRANSCRIPT Happiness is an inside job! It’s well documented that […]

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Sep 14

Sound Healing for Connection To Source

consciousness , sound healing

’Sound Healing is one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet. It has the ability to transform you physically, emotionally, mentally and physically and is referred to as the healing medicine of the future.’ Click below to download the mp3 audio DOWNLOAD MP3 RECORDING You came from a powerful Source that has infinite […]

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