Work through each of the sections on this page to get you prepared for the biggest transformation possible over the next 21 days! 

6 Simple Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success:

Step 1: Add email: marguerita@pitbullmindset.com to your address book so you don’t miss a single EFT Tapping video.

Step 2: Download the Sound Healing MP3 (link at bottom of page)

Step 3: Join The Facebook Group (link at bottom of page)

Step 4: Review and complete first homework video (below)

Step 5: Review and complete second homework video (below)

Step 6: Start on the first EFT Tapping video (in next email) and get ready for massive transformation!

Set Yourself Up For Success Homework #1

Set Yourself Up For Success Homework #2

  • Right click the link below and select 'save' / 'save as' to download the Abundance Sound Meditation
  • Click the second link to join the closed Facebook group and introduce yourself to the community.

Right Click The Link Below & Select 'Save' / 'Save As'

Click The Link Below To Request Access To The Closed Facebook Group

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