Want to discover how to plug into the mindset that ‘naturally successful entrepreneurs’ use to win at the game of business, create the life they want, and be valuable leaders?’

Perth Workshop

10am - 4pm Saturday 23rd September
Organic Cafe
East Victoria Park, 926 Albany Hwy, Perth

The only thing between you and life beyond your wildest dreams is your MINDSET.

Champions and naturally successful entrepreneurs have success blueprints that ensure they think the right thoughts, take the right actions and develop the right habits to create success in whatever they do.

And the good news is, with the right tools and strategies, you can develop that kind of UNSTOPPABLE mindset and live your life the way YOU design it!

Mindset Is The Key To Your Success

Having the right mindset puts you in the flow of life and being fully supported by the Universe to live your mission, doing what you love and having the freedom to decide what YOU want to do and when YOU want to do it, without limitation and free from stress and fear.

I'll Walk You Through The 5 Keys To Developing An Unstoppable Mindset!

  1. Clarity of vision, purpose and direction: Any great achievement is born from a clear vision and coupled with a sense of purpose and certainty of direction.
  2. Focus and Attitude: Your goals and dreams are waiting for you, but you must focus on them relentlessly and have an attitude of 'No Matter What' in order to achieve them. Challenges are inevitable, but with the right attitude, you can overcome anything that comes your way.
  3. Own your brilliance: You were born an infinitely powerful being, capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. You have gifts, talents, knowledge and skills that no one else on the planet has. Release yourself from the grip of believing in your mediocrity, own your brilliance, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
  4. Get out of your own way: Your subconscious success blueprint will be the difference in realising your goals and living life in the sweet spot of success. I will show you how to release fear and doubt, so there is nothing that can stand between you and your dream. I'll share with you powerful tools to achieve this.
  5. Inspired action: With all the previous keys in place, consistent daily action toward your vision, for as long as it takes, will inevitably get you to your destination. If you're feeling any fear, doubt or uncertainty, taking positive action toward your goals will help to build your faith, belief and confidence. But just any action won't cut it, it must be INSPIRED ACTION!

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5 Keys To Developing The Mindset Of A Champion

10am to 4pm 
Saturday 23rd September, 2017

Organic Cafe
East Victoria Park, 926 Albany Hwy, Perth


Imagine living a life of purpose and passion while receiving all the wonderful blessings, abundance and wealth your heart desires.

Does this sound like the way you’d like to live your life?

What if it’s just a mindset shift away?

As a Mindset Mentor and Light Worker, it’s my mission to help you achieve a deep sense of connection with your infinite power so you’re in control of your destiny and living your life by design, with the mindset of a champion.

I’ve spent the last 10 years helping people to develop an unstoppable mindset, and if you’re ready for this kind of shift, then this workshop is for you.

During the Unstoppable Workshop I will share with you everything you need to know to get to this magical state of being and living your life by your design.

And I won’t just download a tonne of information and leave you to figure out the details. I’ll actually be working through the 5 steps with you. 

You’ll also experience a range of powerful techniques to shift your success blueprint quickly so you can get profoundly better results including:

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique / EFT Tapping
  2. Peace Process
  3. Visualisation Techniques
  4. Sound Healing
  5. Instant Miracle Technique

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5 Keys To Developing The Mindset Of A Champion

10am to 4pm 
Saturday 23rd September, 2017

Organic Cafe
East Victoria Park, 926 Albany Hwy, Perth


What Others Say About Working With Marguerita

Lauren Clemett - Ultimate Business Propeller - Gold Coast

Not only is Marguerita easy to connect with and extremely talented in her coaching, her healing skills are phenomenal.

I have worked with coaches previously as self improvement and although they always helped, nothing can compare to the total shift that took place when Marguerita coached me in a breakthrough session.

I highly recommend anyone in business (especially business owners and entrepreneurs) take advantage of her complimentary breakthrough session and start improving your life of success by working with her. You will move forward faster and further than you ever imagined possible.

Suzanne - Suzanne - Canada

The work I have done with you has helped shift something for me and is rippling out into my family. Thank you!! You have been one of a few EFT people who's work online has helped me in so many ways over time. I have been tapping for chunks of time daily to help me release the blocks and I feel that I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg. Can't wait to see the whole iceberg of abundance flowing my way.

Suzanne - Isabella Russo - Australia

I had the most awesome experience with Marguerita yesterday. I had a one on one session which was absolutely amazing, helping me to break through a lot of stuff I've been carrying around for most of my life.

Marguerita just knew exactly how to guide me in a very gentle and also fun way. After many tears (me!) I was able to make an enormous shift in how I was treating myself, not realising I was doing it. Tapping is the way for me. Marguerita is a very talented lady who knows exactly how to guide you to get to the bottom of the issue.

Thanks again, Marguerita, you are one beautiful lady!

Donna Hamer - Be Social Be Seen - Sunshine Coast

Marguerita Vorobioff is one talented lady who has a ability to draw out your strengths and work with you to develop them to help you grow your business.

It never ceases to amaze me that after a session with Marguerita my whole world turns upside down and the very thing I have been struggling to gain ... walks in the door. Whether its that new big contract, a new coaching client, holiday away .... or just something personal I have been working on.

If you get the opportunity to work with Marguerita, grab it with both hands and run with it, you won't be disappointed.

Nicola Grace - Revolutionary Thought Leader - Sunshine Coast

I’ve done a lot of different clearing techniques over the years and my session with Marguerita was deeply profound, moving and freeing like nothing I had every experienced.

I felt like so much had dropped off me that I had previously been struggling to free myself from. I was astounded by the deep level clearing still taking place the next morning. I have more clarity on my goals and what I want, plus I feel confident I’ll get there, because my belief in myself just went through the roof.​

It’s like Marguerita works to clear blocks from the whole hologram, not just the subconscious mind. That skill is very rare to find.

Beverley Rilatt-Richardson - Gold Coast

Marguerita helped me to understand the key to understanding Abundance is that ........


This was a profound insight, and coupled with the wisdom of understanding and accepting that to have what I want, I must want what I have - plus the challenge to be financially educated to master money and its energy (or it will master me), opened my eyes to understanding the inner power of BEING - and the outer power of teamwork in the financial vehicle I have chosen in order to manifest as a 'specialist' - transforming women's understanding of feminine power.

On a practical level, with the additional use of the 'Emotional Guidance Scale', I finally understood and accepted the power of EFT to change those inner subconscious beliefs which had blocked my abundance for many years -so my gratitude is profound. Thank you Marguerita!

Danielle Jones - Gold Coast

After my one to one coaching session with Marguerita - I am overflowing with gratitude.

Minutes after our call, I received my first 'test' and my response clearly showed that a massive shift had taken place. I also shared the outcome of my session with my partner and he said my clarity was inspiring.

Thank you for embracing your gifts & sharing them with us, Marguerita. You are a blessing to the world.

Michelle Sims - Australia

I felt amazing after the session with you! I felt like a weight had been lifted and i felt so much 'go-getting' energy and my creativity got a boost too! The session was very insightful and was great value.

Suzanne - Ineke Wagemakers - Gold Coast, Australia

After the 21 day abundance course and the 4hour tapathon. Signs of abundance everywhere. It seems like I hit the jackpot. Thanks Marguerita Vorobioff. Money shows up everywhere. Just love it.

Suzanne - Wess Vandehoek - Canada

Since starting the 21 Day Tapping Into Abundance Masterclass, I have gone from worried and crying filled with fear, constantly scared that i wouldn't have food to eat, and now after the tapping and doing a lot of work on letting go and trusting abundance, I have gone from no food to more then my shelves can hold. More then my fridge can contain! I even had enough to share i had to turn down food .

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Suzanne - Maureen Cassin - United States

Just received a letter from the power company. Thought it was a bill. They had overcharged me so are refunding $79.00. That was a nice surprise. I am forever grateful to tapping because nothing like this has ever happened to me, ever. Thank you. Thank you. I think the turning point came with doing the Tapathon.

Thank you Marguerita. Thank you.

P.O. Box 94
North Tamborine, QLD, Australia 4272
+61 (0) 410 614 189

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