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Details for the Peace Love Money Retreat

I'm so excited you've decided to join us at Coochiemudlo Island for a profoundly impactful weekend.

The retreat will start at 11am on Friday the 20th October and finish at 3:30pm on Sunday the 22nd October.

The venue is Gindabara at Coochiemudlo Island just off Brisbane.

Please book your complimentary breakthrough session before the weekend using the link below.

You'll need to make your own way there.

Getting to Coochie

If you wish to take your car over to Coochiemudlo Island you need to take the Amity Trader: Click Here.


Walk on at the Victoria Point ferry terminal, and walk off just streets away from Gindabara.

Click here to view the timetable.


All roads on Coochiemudlo Island are 40km zones. Please be mindful and give way to wildlife such as curlews, ducks and plovers and their chicks. These locals tend to nest close to many of the roads. The roads consist of both bitumen and gravel.

What You Need To Bring

Bring with you warm, comfortable clothes, toiletries, a note pad and a willingness to play full out.

There will be an opportunity to go for walks, so bring some comfortable walking shoes too.

That's all you'll need to have one of the most transformational weekends of your life.

Food and Catering

Meals will be provided. There is a cafe / restaurant close by where we will go for dinner one evening.

If you have special dietary requirements, please be sure to make this known to my at well before the event.

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